After completing her business degree and establishing a successful career in branding Lisa had many life experiences that encouraged her to escape from her daily crisis of conscience allowing the existential opportunity to stop “being” and start “becoming” who she truly was. After having first-hand experience with the Western medical system and being exceedingly frustrated she developed a love of alternative medicine. In 2006, while pregnant with her first (of four) child, she began studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner in Toronto, Canada and focused her studies on nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, bach flowers, iridology, aromatherapy, reflexology, color therapy, chakra balancing, reiki, vibrational arts, sound energetics, energy medicine and other modalities.

Ultimately, Lisa followed her passion to provide her family with a better, more healthy lifestyle and to be a positive influence on her young children.  She has a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition and is completing her Associate of Applied Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in order to expand her practice and support more people on their journey to health and well-being.

Lisa is an avid health enthusiast who continues to exercise her body and mind daily through reading, running, yoga, exercise and engaging with her children.  Her passion lies with supporting woman and children but extends to all areas of health and wellness for everyone in every life position.  She believes that the healing of all ailments begins with creating equilibrium in the body with proper nutrition and supporting that with other modalities.  Therefore, her main interest lies in holistic nutrition with a balanced perspective utilizing such theories ranging from David Wolfe and Raw Foodism to the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Now…who is Lisa really??  In her own words…

I am a stay-at-home Mom.  When surrounded by the majority of working moms and reminiscing about the days when I loathed the idea of having children and I would judge the woman who did, I often wonder, “How did that happen?”  Yet, here I sit, at my kitchen table eating my homemade Challah bread with a side of Kamut flakes my 2 year old has just made me at her little pink kitchen.  I no longer do justice to my Anne Taintor “Domestically Disabled” mug I once donned so proudly on the tips of my perfectly manicured digits to sip my 3pm HOT tea from while taking over the business world.  Now, I drink cold tea that I have warmed up a few times throughout the day from my Sophie Conron mug while keeping control over my child-ridden household.  Quite the dichotomy, yes…

While it has taken me a better part of days to write this between being arrested, constructing spectacular cities, building rockets that have taken us from the moon to Goodnight Moon I realize I may have gone from Big City to Small Town, late night restaurant runs to 5 o’clock 10-minute dinner prep, evening cocktails to morning tea and a trendy-perfectly-accessorized-fashionista to spit-up-covered-lululemon-momma.  I realize that between “greening-us-up” and developing a “green-thumb” I haven’t lost a semblence of that girl –  I do still have a standing manicure appointment every two weeks.  Thank Goddess!

I have however come to form quite the circle.  Through my children (and the on-going patience of my husband) I have learned many valuable lessons that I may have otherwise been stinted on progress.  I have truly learned to move at a different pace.  I have learned to let some of my perfectionism go.   I have learned to look at life in a different light – through an inquisitive child’s perspective.  Appreciating small simple pleasures is the art of survival.  Looking at my family and basking in their happiness is a gift.  And now, through all of this I have somehow found my natural calling.  My passion is helping others and, ironically, I love working with woman and babies in a holistic sense.  I love the concept of being a conduit to such bliss, and despite ups and downs, for me it is true happiness.   And being able to do all of this, while having brief moments of alone time just when I’m about to crack, is nothing short of a perfect life.

Oh…and honey, don’t forget to pick up the hemp milk on your way home.


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