CONGRATULATIONS!!  We did it!  30 days of green smoothies!  What an amazing accomplishment – even if you weren’t able to make a smoothie every day the fact that you committed to the challenge and started it has made a difference in your health.  The hope is that now you will be able to include this wonderfully nutritious drink as a staple in your balanced diet.

Today, I made a smoothie with homegrown and manually pressed wheatgrass.  Wheatgrass is a nutritional powerhouse because it is immediately absorbed into the blood stream and gives instant energy while boosting your immune and nervous system. It purifies the blood and cleanses the kidneys, liver and urinary tract, as well as enhances the capillaries and reduces high blood pressure.  Wheatgrass increases the red blood count, improves digestion and metabolism, and contains antioxidants which repair damaged cells and rejuvenates aging cells.  If this isn’t enough it has been known to relieve sore throats by gargling with it, helps weakness and fatigue, removes acne scars, is an excellent skin cleanser, treats acne and pimple problems, and prevents graying hair and removes dandruff.   Wait a second, sounds too good to be true; if that’s so, it gets better!  It improves blood disorders, is an appetite suppressant, is suitable for diabetics as it regulates blood sugar levels, and is very beneficial for cancer patients. Whew, sign me up! 

Growing wheatgrass is pretty easy.  All you need is a simple garden tray, soil, compost, Azomite and wheat seeds.  You can buy a kit like this to begin.


Start by soaking your seeds overnight.  Drain the water and place a paper towel over the seeds until they begin to germinate. Once they germinate you can spread them over the soil, compost and azomite on the gardening palette.

Water the seeds heavily and place 4 layers of wet paper towels on top.  Keep the towels moist.  Once the grass has grown approximately two inches you can remove them and let the grass grow.

photo 1

photo 2


photo 4

When the grass reaches approximately 6cm you can harvest it.

photo 5

photo 6







You need a special juicer to extract the juice from wheat grass.  I use a manual extractor which works fine, you can buy much more expensive and electric juicers.  But regardless of what you use homemade wheatgrass is easy and inexpensive (once you are set up).

photo 7 photo 8







I rather like the taste of wheatgrass.  Many find it too potent; if that is the case add it to your smoothie!  You can also buy freeze-dried wheatgrass powder that does the trick and tastes a little better (well, some brands do, others have a gritty texture).

photo 10

This was a wonderful way for me to end my Green Smoothie Challenge!  Smoothies are a big part of my families diet – I hope they continue to be a part of yours.  Remember:  add plant-based protein, mix up your greens, add good fats and superfoods!  But most of all…enjoy them!

Please let me know how your experience has been – I look forward to hearing from you!


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