7 days done and we are going strong!  Today was another crazy, hectic day around here but I still managed to squeeze in a smoothie.  At one point today, I was doubtful.  I was feeling tired and like it was too much work.  I realized that that was probably because I was on the go and hadn’t eaten anything substantial and then I reminded myself how I keep telling people just how easy, and fast it s and how great they will feel afterwards.  So, I took my own advice and begrudgingly pulled out the blender.  Of course, my blender was acting up and not blending well…finally, I blended everything together; kale, banana, pineapple and almonds.

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One sip and I was already feeling rejuvenated!  Oh, how happy I was that I pushed through and made my smoothie.  I’m already looking forward to my smoothie tomorrow; I’m hoping to be more creative!  Until tomorrow…

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