My first goal was to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks.  While my scale doesn’t actually read that I’ve lost 10 pounds my fitness evaluation reveals that I have lost 10 pounds of body fat, I’ve gained 1.5 pounds of muscle and I’ve brought my overall fat percentage down from 37% to 32%.

So this is pretty awesome, yes!  But since I’m being completely transparent on this journey I was kind of bummed.  You know, I sit with my clients and encourage them every time I see them; I tell them not to expect too much, to go slow and be proud of any progress and that there are always set backs along the way.  I tell them to be gentle with themselves to know that you don’t always have to be perfect.  Progress in the right direction is what we are looking for. These words are easier to say and harder to live by.

I KNOW that in order to lose weight and transform yourself into a healthier person it requires time, slow and steady progress and being honest with yourself.  To have results that last we must go slowly, set our egos aside and be patient with ourselves.  Blast – this sucks.  I have been working so hard and while I have been happy and feeling great along the way I wanted to see MORE progress.  I wanted to blow my goals out of the water.  I wanted to see the scale read UNDER 150.  But it didn’t and I wasn’t happy about that.  My mental self knows that this is the most ridiculous thing — I’ve lost 10 pounds of body fat and I’ve gained muscle! Muscle is what I want!  Muscle is where your metabolic tissue lives and this is what helps to “speed up” our metabolism making weight loss more efficient.  However, I’ve been brainwashed, along with the rest of us that the number on the scale matters.

Guess what?  IT DOESN’T.  What matters is your health.  What matters is your fat and muscle percent.  What matters is how you feel.  What matters is staying positive and kicking ace.  What matters is staying on track.

So instead of getting off track and eating cookies and chocolate and drinking wine to deal with an invisible set back we need to remember the long game.  We will all have moments when we feel discouraged but that is when our strength must shine and that is when we must persevere.  Wallow for a moment (which I’ve done) but then pick yourself back up and brush yourself off (which I’m doing) and put things in perspective (which I’ve done). Dude, I just lost 10 pounds of body fat, that’s pretty fantastic.

The other great news is that from a fitness perspective I’ve improved!  Here are my results (column 1: before six week challenge a year ago, column 2: after 6 week challenge a year ago, column 3: 4 weeks ago, column 4: right now):

2.measurementchart (1)

This past week’s food journal can be found here and my exercise plan looked like this:



Finally, here are my measurements for the week:


This coming month I plan to set a goal of 5 pounds.  Why not 10 like the first month?  We all usually lose more weight at the beginning because our bodies are a little “shocked” and drop a few pounds right away after which it begins to level off to a healthier sustained weight loss.

My Goals for Month Two

1. Lose 5 pounds by June 30th

2. Drop my fat %  and increase muscle mass (not sure what those number look like)

3. Continue to eat clean with a target of 90/10

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  1. Wow Lis! You must be so proud of yourself! What a great inspiration for others 😉