Lisa’s expertise and experience in holistic care is second to none. I had come down with pneumonia and I was going on 3 weeks before I set aside the standard antibiotics and tried Lisa’s holistic remedies. It was like night and day, I felt better in a matter of 24 hours. Lisa even taught me how to make my own homemade inhaler which helped relieve my aching chest cavity and lungs. I can’t recommend Lisa enough, my only regret is not seeking her help sooner, lesson learned! Thanks Lisa :)

~ Liz. Ontario, Canada


Working with Lisa and the Holistic You has been one of the best things I have ever done for my health. Lisa’s compassion, kindness, knowledge and skill are incredible. I have learned so much from her that has helped me to not only lose and maintain healthy weight loss but introduce myself and my family to important changes in how and what we eat that will support us for a lifetime. Thank you, Lisa!!! You are the best!

~ Robin Young. Groton, MA


In January 2013 I realized I needed to do something to improve my health. I spent 2012 on maternity leave and often neglected taking care of my own health (sleepless nights and caring for a tiny human will do that!). Not to mention the many years before that where health was at the bottom of my list of priorities. Luckily, I discovered Lisa’s 30 day green smoothie challenge. The recipes were incredible and a green smoothie drinker was born! But I didn’t stop there. Starting each day in such a healthy way led me to consult with a naturopath (it would have been Lisa if we were in the same city), do an elimination diet, and discover that I have sensitivities to wheat and milk. I changed to a whole foods-based diet (most of the time) and took up running. In the span of 8.5 months I went from being tired and sluggish on the couch (literally – I could run for one minute at a time before having to walk) to having enough energy to run the Detroit International Half Marathon. I actually RAN the whole thing! And I lost almost 60lbs along the way! Thank you, Lisa, for being my catalyst. Your challenge kept me interested in a new way of living and saved me! I continue to drink a green smoothie every day for breakfast. What a wonderful way to start each day!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

~ Imogen Meloche. Windsor, Ontario


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