Know your label terms!

Enriched: this means that certain nutrients have been removed, then re-added.

Fat-free: the product contains less than 0.5g of fat per serving

Fortified: when a nutrient has been added to a food that doesn’t contain it naturally

Lite or light: the product contains 1/3 of the calories or half the fat of the full-fat version.  Often chemicals are used, such as olestra, an artificial fat substitute, are added to reduce calories

Low cholesterol: the product contains 20mg or less of cholesterol and 2g or less of saturated fat per serving

Low-fat: the product contains no more than 3g of fat per serving

Made with organic ingredients: this label guarantees at least 70% of a product’s ingredients are organic

No added sugar: this sounds good, but the product may already contain sugar naturally

No salt added: while no salt has been added, it doesn’t mean that other sodium sources have not been added, or that the product is not already high in sodium

Organic: this word tells you that the food or product is guaranteed to contain at least 95% organic ingredients measured by weight. 

100% organic: this means that a product is made with 100% organic ingredients.

Reduced or less fat: the product has at least 25% less fat than the full-fat product

Salt free: check the Nutrition Facts panel to determine the amount of sodium per serving, and look for sodium sources other than salt, such as MSG

Sugar free: this means that a food can contain up to 0.5g of sugar per serving. Second, it can contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), and others that are also not so great for you. 


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