Many of you have been following my journey to lose 20 pounds.  Well, I have to tell you, it’s tough.  Honestly, losing the weight isn’t that hard — over the last year and a half I have probably lost 60 pounds in total.  The problem is I keep gaining and losing, gaining and losing.  I have been half a pound away from the 20 pound goal on numerous occasions and then something in life happens and I gain a few pounds, that turns into 5 and then I make some excuses and say I’ll start again next week…and then I start in two weeks or a month and I’m up 10pounds from where I was.  

This is so flawed.  

Today, I’m back on.  But this time with a different approach.  

The Holistic You is growing and we have teamed up with my sister, Laurel, who is an engineer (although no longer practicing), social work therapist, yoga and meditation teacher (prenatal and otherwise), labor doula and PhD candidate in social work and infant mental health with a focus on all things mindful (seriously…she’s working with the cream of the crop on mindful research) to provide a much more holistic experience.  Stay tuned for more on this.  But in the meantime, I’m using this to help me on my journey to health.  

First, I’ve enlisted Laurel on this journey because support is key and working towards establishing these habits and lifestyle change is always easier with someone else.  

Second, I’m becoming more intentional with my approach.  I’ve noticed lately, in my overall life how important this is.  I have four young kids, an energetic dog, a husband, a house to run, lots of volunteer work and clients, life…you get the picture.  And I just barrel through my day getting everything done.  Recently, my husband and I have started a purge of “stuff” in our house…this is the catalyst to my new approach.  The calm this brings me is incredible.  My space seems far less chaotic and I feel like I can stop and think for a moment.  With this, brings an opportunity for me to be more mindful and it creates the space for me to set my intentions for the day.  Today, my intention is health and wellness – MINE – not my kids and husbands and dog.  Mine.  

My intention to release the pressure to do this fast and furious.  My intention is to stop. Notice a breath or two (maybe more).  And enjoy the beginning of my journey to whole health.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m setting goals, but with a different mindset, more centered around self-love and acceptance.  Today, I worked out and I’m eating on point BUT I’m also going to let go of the obsession and allow space for me.  Today, I’m going to go to Starbucks and finish the book I’ve been trying desperately to finish for months.

I feel like this is the recipe for my success.  Laurel and I will be looping you in on our journey here (for the next little bit) and always in our closed FB group.  Please join us over there and let us know what you think! 



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