So, that was depressing and awesome all in the same breath.

Before I explain, over the past few weeks I have been putting together my plan to start this reformation and over the coming days and weeks I will reveal how you can join me.  Yesterday was the beginning for me.  I went to Fitness Your Weigh for my fitness evaluation.  Oh boy.  We weighed me and measured me and tested my VO2 capacity and performed some basic fitness tests and finally ran a circuit drill.  I was even further from where I once was and this enlightenment has motivated me even more!  As my trainer Steve said, “Room for transformational progress,” and that is just what we are all in for.

I have never been one concerned with what the scale says; I truly believe in being healthy and that pounds don’t always reflect one’s precise health.  The way my clothes fit and my body fat percentage are much more important factors for me, but as a society we use these benchmarks and our weight in pounds to measure progress.  So, today I will share with you my measurement chart and my goals.

These goals are realistic and open to change and will grow with me throughout this journey.  The whole experience will take time and patience, but that is how my reformation will last.  Fad diets and crash courses in one thing or another never have lasting power and I’ll explain why not in days to come. But first, a few promises to myself:

No excuses.  I hear excuses from clients often and I know them all.  While many are valid in their space if one is going to make a commitment to something we have to put all of these excuses aside and take control.

Take my time and enjoy the process.  I, like many of you, enjoy instant gratification.  I am results driven, but for now I’d like to take a breath, go slow and feel great while doing it. 

Positive Perspective. Never use the word fat negatively and never say anything negative about how I look.  See the beauty in the process and be thankful for the opportunity.

Next up, goal time!  (Yes, we should all use the S.M.A.R.T. approach to goal setting but I’m not so great at that — we’ll work at tweaking these to make them a little smarter but for now…)

  1. Lose 10 pounds in 28 days.
  2. Improve from “above average” to “good” category for Vo2 test in 28 days
  3. Achieve 25% body fat in 6 months.

**I will revise and set new goals as each milestone is achieved.  Getting me to the 20 pounds and beyond!

How will I do this?  MY SECRET: How will a Nutritionist Lose 20 pounds? 

I would love to hear from you...please leave your thoughts.