Ladies and Gentlemen.  I have finished week 2 and it was a challenging week.  Mostly because life was very, very hectic.  My husband was traveling, one of our kids had a birthday, we had two sick kids and life threw us some lemons.  But no excusesI lost 2.6 pounds this week and 7.8 pounds in two weeks!  I’m pretty happy with this because we all usually lose more in our first week of shifting eating and exercising and we gradually move to a healthy number of pounds lost per week (which is usually 1-2 pounds).  I am wondering if I clean up my diet even more next week and exercise hard, hard, hard if I will be able to see a little more progression — but this would be more of a personal experiment — losing 2.6 pounds in one week is pretty stellar.  

Here are my measurements for the week:

week2 difference

My food journal is here and you will see that I followed my clean eating rules BUT I was probably 70% clean and 30% not-clean — which leaves much room for improvement.  But, that is real life — we can’t be perfect all of the time, and we shouldn’t expect that from ourselves.

Luckily, I still managed to get all of my exercising in!


Things to work on for this week:

  1. Eating more regularly
  2. Getting all of my water in
  3. Having fewer glasses of wine
  4. Make every workout count!

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