My next planned post was supposed to be on Clean Eating BUT I couldn’t wait to share the news!  It has been one week since I last weighed and measured myself and I am quite happy with the results and feeling motivated!  I’ve lost 5.2 pounds and inches!!!!  Here are the numbers in black & white:


AND, this is after using last night as a splurge night.  I drank more than my intended wine and had a small slice of homemade pizza.  To balance this I drank plenty of water and munched on avocado, peppers and carrots throughout the night.  We all had a great time, I didn’t feel deprived and I’m back on the wagon this morning (6am TRX class kicked ace!).

We all go through ups and downs throughout our journey and I found it really challenging to say no to wine!  This is real life and real life means allowing yourself to waiver every so slightly but doing this with control.  I’m meeting some friends this evening and I feel in control and won’t indulge like last night.  I am GREAT with that.  I am mindful of how I felt afterwards and am working too hard to sabotage myself for a few glasses of wine.


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  1. Awesome Lisa, good for you! Don’t you just love TRX??!!

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