When looking at nutrition labels these are the ingredients that are most important to avoid. 

#1 Trans Fat: partially hydrogenated oil; American’s ingest an average of 5.8g of trans fat daily, this translates to 2,117g (almost 5 pounds) per year

#2 High Fructose Corn Syrup: inexpensive sugar substitute made from yellow dent corn that causes belly fat, insulin resistance and a whole host of indirect health problems

#3 Artificial Sweeteners: although these are approved by the FDA they are not without safety risks and best avoided

#4 Sodium: we consume an average of 3,435mg of sodium a day.  To keep your blood sugar in check, limit your daily sodium intake to 1,500mg or less

#5 Food Additives: 

Artificial Dyes: most artificial dyes are linked to hyperactivity, ADD, and ADHD

Artificial Flavours: blanket term that could include one or hundreds of unnatural additives

Preservatives and Emulsifiers: not all are dangerous but some are known to cause liver and kidney problem, inflammation and cancer.



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