Since I haven’t been doing my food journaling any longer and making that accessible.  Many have been wondering what am I actually eating that is helping me lose weight? Honestly, it  varies day to day but the gist of it is the same.  I am never hungry, I’m not taking any “magic pills”. I am not doing no carb, no dairy, no-no-no.  I am limiting some foods but I’m not depriving myself either, I am allowing myself to have foods that aren’t so great 10% of the time (this includes dairy and simple carbs).  Here is a typical day:

Upon Waking

Warm water and lemon


Green smoothie with a lot of greens and a little frozen fruit with a plant based protein powder


Eggs on greens with avocado


Fruit with nuts


Greek yogurt and nuts


BIG salad with quinoa or leftover dinner on top


Sprouts, veggies and chick peas wrapped in swiss chard


Veggies and Hummus


Raw seeds and fruit


Loads of veggies, sweet potato and vegetable protein (or legume) the options are endless! 


Frozen fruit


Brown rice tortillas toasted with salsa

OK…so this may not seem like a lot of food but it is!  Seriously, I am not craving anything, I am not hungry and if I was I would eat more.  And, writing it out it looks so boring, but it’s not — there are so many delicious recipes that fit into these categories and everything I eat has many layers and dimensions to it.  It is fabulously delicious and satisfying.  If you are stuck for recipes look at the recipes tab on my site for some that I like!  

Bon Appétit! 

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