It seems as though over the past week everyone around me has begun their own healthful reformation of sorts.  I am so inspired by all of you.  For me, I am wrapping up week one and feeling GREAT.  I feel stronger, I have more energy, I’m not bloated and my skin is glowing (and I think I’ve already lost a couple of pounds but I haven’t checked).  

With that said, it hasn’t been easy, my kids have still been waking up through the night, I’ve had a couple of days that have started at 4am (with wide awake little ones), my kids have protested my departure to the gym and all-in-all it’s been a very busy week full of clients, volunteering at the school, kids’ activities, household responsibilities and everything else that comes with a family of six.  But I’ve still managed to squeeze in 5 workouts, a yoga class and have easily stuck to my nutrition plan.  I am also happy to say that I’m not craving foods, I’ve had very minor “withdrawal” feelings, and I’M NOT HUNGRY! 

Wait a second, so I think I’ve lost a couple of pounds and I haven’t been hungry?  

That’s right!  This is not a diet, this is clean eating folks and one should not be hungry when eating clean.  We can eat in abundance when we make healthy choices throughout the day.  In return for these choices our body thanks us with a perked up metabolism and increased nutrient absorption.

Next up on the blog is a post about eating clean but for now, in an effort to be completely transparent and accountable, I’ve made my food journals available for everyone to see.  If you’d like to keep tabs on me please click here but I’ve attached this weeks here and will update it at the end of today In my eyes, there is room for improvement but this is a pretty great start! Especially considering I have eaten at someone else’s house and I have been out to eat (I chose moderation of of nutrient-depleting foods and this morning we went to Blackbird — I really wanted to get a big egg sandwich with cheese on a croissant but instead happily asked for two eggs over medium on a bed of greens — and it was satisfying and delicious!)

As for exercise, it has been fabulously exhausting.  I’ve been going to the gym at 5:45am Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and working out from home Monday and Wednesday.  The Saturday yoga class is at a local studio.  I’ve been putting my all into these workout[here]s and working hard – if I’m there I’m going to make it count!

Here is what my plan for this week has been:


Take aways from today’s blog post are simple:

  1. Eat clean food in abundance
  2. Feel satiated always
  3. Exercise like you mean it
  4. Eating clean and exercising makes you feel FABULOUS!

Up Next: What is Clean Eating?

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