Past Workshops @ The Holistic You

Heart Health a Different Way

May 15, 2013
Corporate Workshop for General Electric

 Your Best Road Race

Wednesday. March 20th, 7pm
@495 Main Street, Suite E, Groton, MA

Experts in the field of health and wellness present a workshop designed to teach you how to prepare your muscles and joints as well as optimal nutrition enabling you to have your best race or walk event ever! This workshop is perfect to prepare you for the Groton Road Race on Sunday April 28th ( for details).


Kerry Madden and Steven Levesque – your local fitness experts
Lisa Hicks – the holistic you – holistic nutrition and wellness – inside and out
Jennifer Murphy, licensed massage therapist

Cost: donation of 1 (or more) pair(s) of shoes to benefit our annual Soles4Souls shoe drive (please help us cover the cost of shipping the shoes by donating $1 per pair of shoes that you donate) see for more info

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The Art of Food

Monday. March 11th, 10:00am-11:00am
@ColorFull 586 Massachusetts Avenue, Acton, MA

I am excited to host an informal conversation about kids and nutrition while gathered around a table tasting healthy treats and exploring plant-based and natural art materials. Low-key, informative, and kids are welcome to join in the art-making! $20, call 978-264-4488 to pre-register.

Wednesday, January 16th, 7:30pm  – $20
Nutrition 101 – what you need to know about the basics of nutrition and tips and tricks to meet your every day needs. 

Wednesday, January 23rd, 7:30pm – $20
Stop the Cravings: Sugar & Caffeine.  How these two foods affect your overall health and how to wean yourself off of them.

Wednesday, January 30th, 7:30pm – $20
A Walk Through the Grocery Store & Revamping Your Pantry: Let’s take a “virtual” stroll through the grocery.  Food labels, ingredients and health claims can be confusing. What do you need to look at in order to make healthy choices.  What are some healthy alternatives.  What should I buy organic and what could I buy conventional? This class will also discuss a little about food politics and the grocery store.

The Holistic You is located at 495 Main Street, Suite E, Groton, MA


We provide a number of workshops that can be customized for your needs.  Currently workshops include:

  • Nutrition 101
  • Nutrition for Conception and Beyond
  • Nutrition for Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Health
  • A Walk through the Grocery Store
  • Baby Food Prep
  • Children’s Nutrition & Healthy Lunches
  • Stop the Cravings: Sugar and then some…
  • Revamp your Pantry
  • Living a Toxin-free Lifestyle
  • Daddy has to Feed the Kids!
  • Healthiest Foods: including green smoothies and more! 
  • Power drinks! Smoothies, juicing, fermented drinks. 
  • Raw-licious: Raw Foods, Sprouts and Grasses
  • The Nutrition Connection: A four-part series including Food-Mood Connection; Food-Weight Connection; Food-Beauty Connection; Food-Health Connection.
  • Wellness: Inside and Out
All workshops include tips and tricks as well as healthy alternatives and recipes. 



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