WinAlign® Wheel Alignments:

    Get a State-of-the-art Front End and 4 Wheel Wheel Alignments done at Russ's Service Garage on the drive on WinAlign system by Hunter Engineering.

The WinAlign System

Auto Alignment

Get a State of the Art Alignment for Better Handling & Tire Mileage.

At Russ's Service Garage we use the state-of-the-art ProAlign technology from Hunter Engineering with their drive-on wheel alignment system. This diagnostic system lets our technician "see" your alignment with greater precision and depth, including the ability to trouble shoot the auto frame itself. At Russ's we are proud to use the Hunter WinAlign Front and and 4 Wheel alignment system and software. Like Hunter, we strive to offer cutting edge technology to our customers.

Steering Angle Sensor Recalibration: Following an alignment, many vehicles on the road today require a re-calibration of the steering angle sensor as instructed by the vehicles manufacturer. Hunter Engineering Company's CodeLink is a WinAlign feature that allows the auto technician to quickly recalibrate the steering angle sensor.

State-of-the-art drive on WinAlign Wheel Alignment Computer System

High-Resolution cameras provide alignment measurements with pin-point accuracy and drive-on camera.

Patented three dimensional targets

New QuickGrip wheel adaptors

Patented integrated steering system reset.

QuickComp. Compensates all wheels and captures initial measurements in one motion.

Scissor lift with extra-wide runways accommodates cars, trucks and buses.

Roll forward compensation

Recalls specs in a snap

This wheel alignment system was selected in as one of the top 20 latest and greatest products by MOTOR Magazine!


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    Learn more about the ProAlign System at the Hunter website: